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Pacific Blue, 2016

Woodblock and stencil, 160mm x 250mm. Limited edition 5 

This print is a celebration of our place in the sub-tropical Pacific and the glorious, long summer days spent with friends and family at the beach over the holiday season. 

There are just 5 and I want to give one to you in thanks of all your support over the last year. It’s been an amazing year and I couldn’t have done it without you!

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Thank you & happy summer days!


Vie du Pacifique ||

Was invited to participate in an international print exchange between several print studios around the Pacific Ocean, hence the title: Vie du Pacific. It opens this month in Brisbane, home to Migaloo Press which organised this project as part of the Print Council of Australia’s 50 years of print. It will tour 5 different venues in South East Queensland, then to participating countries: Japan, The Philippines, Canada, The USA, Vanuatu and Hawaii. We’ll have a chance to see it here in January at The Eastuary Arts Centre, Orewa. Will keep you posted!

The theme of the exhibition includes examining environmental concerns for the region. Climate change is one of biggest threats and the mighty mangrove has the amazing ability to reduce the effects of this, as well as having many social and economic benefits. Unfortunately, they are disappearing at an alarming rate across the Pacific due to the encroachment of residential and tourist developments along our seashores. 

Manawa, 2016

Woodblock and stencil. 110mm x 270mm. Limited edition of 20.