Marci Tackett

Marci Tackett is a printmaker based in the wider Wellington region whose practice combines new technology and traditional aspects of printmaking to play with visual perception through multiple layers of abstract shapes and colour fields https://inaarraoui.com/marci-tackett/

John Perry

Cultural icon John Perry has been active in the arts scene since he graduated from Elam in the 1960s, working as an artist, curator, educator, art dealer, consultant and valuer. A lifetime of collecting can be viewed at his shop Global Village Antiques & Collectables in Helensville, Auckland. https://inaarraoui.com/john-perry/

Celia Walker

Inspired by urban ecologies and walked landscapes, Celia Walker’s art practice embodies her commitment to engaging with her immediate environment to tackle global environmental issues. Her work includes curating collaborative print exchanges, installations and exhibitions. https://inaarraoui.com/celia-walker/


At the beginning of lockdown I embarked on this ambitious project which I knew could keep me busy in isolation for the unpredictable weeks ahead of me. This triptych is comprised of three A4 woodblock panels, starting with the key block and then creating three more blocks to add colours. The style references Japanese woodblocks, known […]

Il Bisonte – Part 2

When all schools were declared closed on 11 March I had been determined to stay and use the “one month” lockdown to catch up on researching, sketching and carving new woodblocks – why not? the spring blossoms were starting to appear, the days were getting warmer and the wine shop on my street was still […]


Happy New Year everyone! So far 2020 has been like a dream, getting to work every morning in the Il Bisonte Printmaking studio in Florence alongside talented print people, technicians and tutors. It’s been such a challenge being completely out of my comfort zone of relief printing and learning all about etching and the many […]


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