Welcome to my gallery. Here’s a selection of some recent work. If you are interested to learn more, or place an order, please feel free to send me a message through my contacts page. You can also find me on instagram and facebook @inaarraoui

Cornflower Blues

This series is inspired the stories passed down from my father’s side of my family who came to England as a Jewish refugees from Berlin. The patterns reference a tablecloth my grandmother gave me, hand stitched by her mother-in-law, a woman who was always shrouded in sadness, never quite adapting to her new life.

Minced Oaths

Made with Tetrapak cartons and other found objects on my daily walks, these intaglio prints were developed during the 2021 lockdown. A move towards a more sustainable practice in terms of materials, space, and time is reflected in the ideas addressed in each work about the alarming environmental challenges we face due to overconsumption and consumerism. 

The Crossover

These pieces were made in collaboration with hand-stitched embroidery artist Lina Castro, driven by the desire to connect, share and create new and exciting work in a cross-cultural context.


This body of work was created for a solo show in response to the current humanitarian crisis of mass migration. It invited viewers to reflect on how immigrants are be perceived and treated by their host communities and the part immigration has played in shaping one’s own personal identity, family history and nation. The plant life represents the resilience, adaptability and vibrancy of culture, something that cannot be easily crushed, even when displaced and transplanted in hostile terrains.


These images explore themes relating to the preservation of the natural environment and the healing power of plants for us as individuals as well as for the planet.

Heritage Series

These images pay homage to the small rural community of my childhood, Fern Flat.