Exhibition: Expressions and Movement

Expressions and Movement is an exciting new constellation of work by Rachel Schanzer and Anna Molineux that is an eloquent meditation on the constantly shifting, dynamic nature of life, human energy and emotion. 

The idea of fluidity and movement is expressed in Molineux’s figurative monotypes. Her prints have a softness to them, using layers of black ink with different quantities of transparency, creating a lucid, dreamy quality to her imagery. Hands and bodies entwine in an intimate embrace, caught up in a rhythmic dance. Music is central to her arts practice, always listening to music as she paints, inspiring how she paints.

For Schanzer, her inspiration comes from the patterns, colours and textures found in the natural world, in particular the rugged coastlines, black sand beaches and what she calls the artifacts of the ocean. One series echoes the reflections on the water and varying hues of blues, purples and greys observed during her walks on Karioitahi beach in southwest Auckland, near where she lives. Her work Ebb and Flow employs repetition of line and layers, using multiple lino blocks in a single image sometimes combined with splashes of metallic watercolours, making each print unique, or part of a variable edition. Another suite of images is inspired by the secret coves and rocky inlets seen on her trip to the Catlins on the southwest coast of the South Island. The assemblage of abstract lines pulsate, twisting and turning, referencing the shoreline and the colossal bull kelp pervasive in the area. Schanzer prefers to take an experimental approach to printmaking, often starting with a vision of the final work, adding layers until she has achieved the sense of calm or movement she is aiming for. 

The concept of ebb and flow connecting this body of work speaks not only to Shanzer’s subject matter of the ever-changing tides and cycles of nature but also about finding that place of peace and calm when faced with the constant inner turmoil of one’s mind and external stressors. Both artists attempt to capture the constant tension between these two states and invite the viewer to contemplate what provides them solace during these turbulent times. 

The exhibition will be at the Franklin Arts Centre, Pukekohe from Friday, 30 April – Wednesday 19 May. Opening: Saturday, 1 May 12 – 1:30pm.  


Rachel Shanzer @rschanzer

Anna Molineux @purpleturtle1972