Ina Arraoui has had a love of printmaking since she was a teenager and gravitated to woodblock as a medium due the salubrious and meditative effects of carving the block. Her woodblocks are a way for her to explore ideas about culture and how commonplace objects can embody an identity which is passed down from generation to generation. Through increased globalisation and migration, identities are constantly adapting and responding to new environments and in turn, these ‘objects as symbol’ become a vehicle for living memory, as well as an expression of present culture.

Ina’s curiosity to discover and learn other cultures has fed her academic pursuits and constant practice of printmaking as well. She has a Masters degree in Anthropology and has studied traditional intaglio, mono-print and etching techniques at the French Institute of Tetouan in Morocco.

Ina’s artwork is reflecting her visual memory of patterns, light and colours. She uses her woodcuts to play with organic structures as it is developing unexpectedly under her microscope.

Commercial and private commissions available

Email: i.arraoui@gmail.com

Instagram: @inaarraoui

Facebook: Ina Arraoui Printmaker


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